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Jesus REAL-ationship Necklace


This product was custom-created based on a vision given by the Holy Spirit. 
It represents the stretched body of Jesus Christ...
the actual cross that inspires

remembrance and praise.

Like the holes through His hands and feet, and the stripes on His back, so, too, is your relationship  with Jesus Christ...REAL!  As a “bride” of Jesus, this cross is not only to help remind you of the vow and commitment that you made through Romans 10:9, but to also remind you that in any REAL-ationship, communication is key. 

Product Description: 1.5" pendant; brass cut/silver plated cross; Comes with 18"

silver chain; Each necklace comes individually packaged.

Click here to read the "Are You In A REAL-ationship With Jesus Christ" L.E.A.N.letter.

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